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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-28 15:04:33 (UTC)


Tuesday January 28th

Me Ian and Ben we're supposed to hang out on Sunday, but it ended up being so god damn hot that we all rathered to stay at home.

The dub for the second part of Re Zero ended up being released on KissAnime when it isn't supposed to even be out yet, so that was cool. I just finished watching it all again from the start a few minutes ago. I really liked it, and it was cool going back and rewatching it because little off hand comments that didn't make a whole lot of sense or just stuff I forgot about really kind of added up now that I've been reading the events after the anime (that being the web novel).

Where I'm at right now in the web novel is Arc 5 chapter 20-23? Something like that. He's trying to figure out how to beat the Arch Sin Bishop of Wrath and he's died two times to her so far. It's pretty interesting.

It was really hot today, so hot in fact I only really managed to get about 2-4 hours of sleep. I wanted to try and go to sleep at two in the afternoon so I could wake up at night or early in the morning around 1-2am because that's my favorite sleeping schedule, but I ended up being woken up twice just because of how hot it is.

My room is actually way more hot compared to the rest of the house, mostly I'll directly have the sun shining into my room almost all day. Plus since it's the biggest room I think it's got the most insulation, so even when it becomes night time it still stays pretty hot, even with my fan going at max. It's pretty annoying really.

I'd have to say I way prefer Winter over Summer, because if you're cold in Winter you can just get lots of blankets and wear socks and stuff like that while in Summer you just kind of feel hot all-round.

I brought Jiang Just on For Honor (I'll call him JJ for short) and I kind of regret it. He's really, really over powered. I initially wanted him because of how insanely broken he is right now and I kind of just wanted to be one of "those" people for a change, but by God it's pretty boring. I've got his moveset down pretty well although there's still definitely room for improvement I can pretty much win 90% of the fights I get into without really even being hit because of his Sifu Stance and zone attack combo. I'll still keep playing him because I'd hate to of spent 15000 steel on a character just not to play them at all (like I've done with Shinobi, Highlander and Shaman). My goal is to try and make him look like old man Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender, only then will I enjoy the character.