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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-24 11:01:37 (UTC)

18th Birthday

Thursday January 24th

My birthday wasn't really anything special, I struggled to sleep again last night for some reason and I ended up sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon.

I ended up getting a few happy birthday messages on my wall from some people I haven't really talked to in months, Hayley messaged me too. I only later worked up the courage to message her back but I haven't replied to her second message since cause, well I dunno.

Since my mom is still pretty much bed ridden I had to make my own dinner, so that was cool. Ian's at work right now doing the nightshift so I'll cook for him too if he's hungry. I don't think I'm actually that bad of a cook either, I actually find it kind of fun. It was only bacon eggs and sausages, nothing fancy but I still cooked it and it was really good. I offered to make my mom something but she said no thanks.

I finished Sex Education, there's gotta be a season two otherwise I'll be annoyed. The last two episodes were especially good. It's kind of weird how the different characters have different and sometimes bad relationships with each other but you still like them, so whenever there's a fight it's kind of hard to feel one way or the other.

I've got an idea on some anime I'll watch while waiting for the second half of the Re Zero dub. I played Doom last night too. Really fun.