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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-23 09:06:10 (UTC)


Wednesday January 23rd

I couldn't sleep last night, pretty much whenever I know I've got to wake up for something I can never sleep, even if it is just as minor as waking up so I can bring the groceries in. I spent about three hours rolling back and forth trying to sleep, I only checked my phone once and that was when I had to go to the bathroom, and how I know three hours had passed. I just had a lot of thoughts on my mind for some reason, a lot of it was about sex too. When I did eventually mange to fall asleep that didn't really even matter because I kept randomly jolting up for some reason. it'll happen rarely, but whenever it does I can usually afford to just stay up.

I eventually got woken up to my mom hosing at 8AM, seeing that she was now fit and able to being garden work of all things I asked if she could just do the grocery thing by herself considering how exhausted I now felt. She said it was fine and I went back to sleep. I later woke up around 11am, which is around the time I've been waking up.

Oh yeah, Ian randomly gave me $40 for my birthday, although it's tomorrow. He said he got given tip money at work so he figured he might as well give it to me. He also got me a big ole bottle of Coke. Pretty nice, considering he's already brought me a Turtlebeach headset for my birthday.

My phone crashed earlier and it wouldn't hard reset for the longest time, for some reason. Sex Education on Netflix has been cool too, except Otis was annoying me by being so timid and shy of fucking with that one girl. I guess it was because of the whole trauma with seeing his dad cheat on his mom and the divorce that came but it still made me cringe pretty bad. Poor guy.

I've yet to play Doom, read or anything like that. I probably should get around to reading soon but my phone needs to charge first. I'm gonna go play Doom, and then once my phone has charged I'll read (if I'm not too tired by then from the lack of sleep).