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2019-01-22 13:32:47 (UTC)

My new Diet

So Monday 21st January.
I started a new diet. It's called the Cambridge diet. three shakes, two eggs and a hell lot of water throughout the day, it is very, very hard but in order for me to loose the weight I want I have to do it.

But anyway so I started it yesterday, and my sister wanted to go for some brekky, I went but I did not eat anything apart from my eggs which is good for me as I was contemplating to get a full English.
Today is the second day, I've had lots of water and two shakes so far and my goodness I am so hungry but that happens so to speak. If I want to loose three stone that is what I got to do. You can actually loose so much weight within a few weeks and plus will be a very good detox.
I am ten stone at the moment and I want to go back to when I was seven and half before I had my little boy. I have tried a few other diets but for some reason this one caught my eye the most and is making me really want and need to do it and this is the one I have felt more comfortable on believe it or not. I thought I couldn't even eat but it turns out I am allowed plain chicken and veg or plain chicken and 2 eggs.

Anyway I am taking it for a t5 day run to see how many pounds I loose to see if it does really make a difference and who knows I could full well loose my three stone by March :D

Until next time,
Mystery'Girl x