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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-22 08:47:40 (UTC)


Tuesday January 22nd

So good news I guess, I've found a suitable course where I can get the rest of my requirements for studying psychology. Since it's more of a course for someone who is behind and left school at an early age there isn't an actual physical class for it. From what I understand I'll basically be mailed out work to do throughout the year. They said about eight hours a week I think? But I also remember something about twenty four hours a week. I dunno, I can't really remember. It's one of the two I'm sure.

I'm fine with this I guess but I would of kind of preferred to actually go to a physical class with other people. I don't think I really ever would of wanted that in the past but truthfully I kind of miss having human interaction. But nothing is really holding me back, if I wanted to I could always just go out but, eh.

On the plus side I get to mostly stay in the comfort of bed like usual, probably maintain the same inconsistent sleep schedule and all that. But truthfully, I was hoping for some space from my mom. It also was annoying because we had to kind of do paper work and I basically had to sign this thing to give her rights to contact my case manager Mark. I was pretty against it, especially because I like Mark and I feel like one day he'll say something she doesn't agree with or like and start some stupid fucking fight.

Speaking of my mom, she somehow messed up her back yesterday and I think she was on her period today just because the pain seemed worse for her n all that. So I took it upon myself to try and help her, as much as she annoys me sometimes she'd still help me if I was sore like that. So I cooked & cleaned for her stuff like that go this and that but I dunno, it became kind of annoying when she yelled across the house for me to get something that was literally right next to her. It didn't go when she kind of laughed about it. Like, I don't see what's funny about me having to get out of bed to grab something that was on the table beside your bed. Whatever.

She also wants me to wake up early tomorrow because we're having our groceries delivered tomorrow and she can't move them in herself. Annoying but I can see why n I don't really hold it against her. Still annoying though.

Sex Education on Netflix has been good, getting sort of dramatic. Pretty good though. I feel bad for forgetting his name but I think it's Eric. Anyway, I feel pretty bad for Eric. Gay black kid, got beat up on the way back from some LGBT event by some older dude. Made me pretty sad because he's actually pretty cool. His dad is a bit of a dick too.

I'm redownloading Doom. I brought it sometime last year and I played it once and went eh because I'm bad when it comes to finding my way around with no minimap and that game has no minimap (as far as I'm aware) but I wanna play it. Why? Recently I've been playing the Doom soundtrack on For Honor and it goes really well. There's a whole meme of it too where you say that the Doom Slayer is too angry to die, so it's kind of funny to throw that reference in when I pull of a 4v1/3v1 situation.

Re Zero has been pretty good, although it's making me suspicious that I'm 16 chapters in and nothing really bad has happened yet. It's still the beginning but usually something sad or really bad would of happened by now, so I can't help but feel it's trying to lure me into a false sense of security before dropping some bombshell on me. Well it kind of has, appreantly Reinhard killed the previous Sword Saint (his grandmother) but that hasn't really been confirmed or denied and it's only just shown up.

I also found out that there's some more "What If" side stories for Re Zero. I know about the first one called Rem If, where Subaru chose Rem over Emilia and basically lived happily ever after, but I found out about two more today. I can't remember either of there names but they both seem to follow the premise of Subaru being all fucked up and twisted, so I'll probably have to track those down at some point. Shit I haven't even read Rem If yet.

I really like Re Zero, and to me a lot of the appeal is that Subaru isn't some over powered protagonist. And he's not an overly good person either. I'm mean he's not a total dick or anything, but he even recognizes himself that his personality can be a bit scummy. I dunno, I kind of dislike the whole protagonists who are good to everyone and everything for the sake of being good kind of thing. He's also pretty weak compared to most of the other characters too, well physically. I think he's gone through so much shit that most of the other characters probably couldn't bare. But I kind of want him to get stronger at some point. He's the the potential too. He's basically got the Unseen Hand at this point, or Invisible Providence as he calls it. He doesn't really know how to control it, and if I remember right Petra commented on how he looked scary and like a different person, almost possessed like, when he tried to use it against Elsa. I could be remembering the exact situation wrong but something along those lines happened. Anyway. He's weak, but I eventually want this man to for whatever reason just go ham fucking sandwich with it and for everyone to be like "what the fuck just happened". Apart of me wants to try and research it and see if anything like that happens but I don't wanna spoil myself.

Anyway that's all, peace