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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-21 08:40:01 (UTC)

Growing Up

Monday January 21st

My birthday is in three days, and I'm gonna end up being eighteen. Scary stuff. On one hand I'm kind of excited and on the other hand I'm pretty anxious. I still don't look eighteen at all, with my growth disorder and all. I mean I guess I'll eventually look my age soon enough. For anyone reading I've got Constitutional Delayed Growth, basically my skeletal age is behind my actual age by a few years. It used to bother me when I was younger, but once I actually started hanging around and hooking up with different girls it kind of served as a confidence boost, considering almost all of them were a few inches taller then me. Still, for anything about buying my own alcohol I feel that I'd always get that look of "this ID has got to be fake", or something along those lines. It's cool though, I guess.

A few days ago Trouble brought in some baby bird and my mom took it off him. She tried to nurse the wee thing back to health, feeding it bird food & giving it water. I honestly thought it'd make it because it seems so lively, chirping and hopping around. Yeah, it hopped. Like a friggin rabbit dude. But when I woke up today and asked where it was my mom said it had unfortunately died during the night. She seemed pretty bummed about it. I kind of was too, I mean it was hella cute but I tried not to get attached to it anyway so eh.

I've got a hospital appointment on the 19th in February. I've also gotta email the course Ian went to at some point to see if I can hopefully get in. I should be able to though, I think everyone goes back to school sometime in February.

I've been watching a series on Netflix called Sex Education. It's not actually like, sex education. Basically follows a teenage boy name Otis, as well as some of the other side characters through their teenage struggle. While I think sometimes the other kids are portrayed as being way too mean then what any actual kids are it's pretty good, and sometimes I feel I can painfully relate to them. Not that I really have experienced any of their exact troubles, as a seventeen years old I guess I can still relate to their plights to a degree I guess. Oh and the cringe moments kill me, where I'll be like "Oh no, what the fuck are you doing? Stop."

I've been looking forward to the second half of the Re Zero dub for awhile now, it's been delayed and delayed and delayed but I finally think it's actually coming out. February 5th. There's a video on the Funimation channel for it too, except you can't actually watch it yet strangely enough. But, hell I want to be optimistic here. I'm going to try and rewatch Re Zero soon. Although I'm torn if I should watch the first half of the dub right before it comes out, the entirety of the sub, and then the dub, or both. Probably both. Brandi told me I should watch the Punisher on Netflix and I might, just because it has Shane from The Walking Dead.

That's all really, peace.

EDIT: I went over and looked up the website for the course Ian went to and I'm pretty sure the NCEA level two they give is specifically for hospitality and not anything else, although I could be wrong. So now I feel kind of stressed. I went and relooked at the links I got from that one email and I think there is a thing in NMIT which helps people like me who left school early to get back on track to study what they wanna study. I'll look more into it tomorrow but I feel sort of overwhelmed all of a sudden now.