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2019-01-15 11:41:18 (UTC)

Diet Time.

So yesterday I found out about a new diet plan I could give ago.
It is called 'The Cambridge Diet'.
All that is consists off is three shakes a day, a lot of water throughout the day and two boiled eggs a day. two boiled eggs a day right, how random and weird is that, but apparently it works so I am willing to give it a try. I suppose at this point in my life I will give anything a try not that I have already done that -_-.
So sick of the baby weight that I still carry around with me, I am now ten stone!!! Before I even had a baby I was 7 stone. People kept telling me after a year of having a baby my body will go back to normal but has it fuck. I lost a but fair enough but then gained more recently. I know it has been Christmas but that is no excuse.
I cannot even use the excuse of 'I just had a baby' anymore. It has been nearly two years since he came so now I got to actually work at getting the body that I crave so much for back.

Update when I start it.
Until next time peeps, have a lovely day:D