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2019-01-10 21:45:23 (UTC)


"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present".

While today has been on the whole, a good day, i am missing Master *so* much! i really thought we might see each other this week, but it seems we won't be :(
i've had a little slip up with my diet today too :( Not a massive one, and i have reported it to Master, but i'm fed up, because i was doing so well, and i was told i could end my weeks edging with an orgasm if i continued my good work :( So now i'm worried i won't get that prize for all my effort :(

The edging has been torture today and yesterday. i feel so needy for Him! i need to feel His hands on me, and His control. Yeah, i'm off to bed in a slightly less happier state than i have been lately. All i can do is start again tomorrow...