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2019-01-10 10:30:13 (UTC)

Went to Postal Annex this ..

Went to Postal Annex this morning to pick up the three bar stools which I ordered from Wayfair. The bar stools came in three large boxes which I could barely fit in my car. I assembled one bar stool before work and the other two after work. Worked at M.H. today. When I arrived, people were just going out of the D.O.N.'s office. There were two men in professional attires; I saw. And as I've learned later from C.F., one was the new administrator, the other a representative from some L.A.-based corporation. It came as a shock and a surprise to me that Mr. H. is finally selling and thus letting go of his facility which has been in his family since the 1960s. "What about the current statuses of the employees?" I asked around. Yet only time can tell what happens to M.H., that poor facility. I am glad I didn't choose to go back to work there full time. The man who represented the corporate tall, brunette, handsome. He introduced himself to me and I shook hands with him. The other, the new administrator, blonde, medium built; from Utah. I met the new D.ON. as well, O.; a Filipino lady; who interviewed me, asked me some personal questions, and wanted me full time at M.H. I told her about my other job and she knows A.R. Anyhow, enough about that. I.M. bought me lunch. We ate inside the D.O.N.'s offfice. What did we talk about? Oh, I forgot. But we talked a good deal. M.P. called in for the nocturnal shift and poor I.M. volunteered to stay until three in the morning. K.K. though would be the only nurse for almost a hundred patients until 6:30AM, or whenever the morning nurses arrived. C.M. has no urine output for the AM shift. C.F. failed on her two attempts at reinsertion. I tried once to no avail. Finally, I.M. did it. S. the new hire nurse pretentious with his supercilious talk as if he knows a great deal but he doesn't; how pathetic and embarrassing. If I were him, I would keep my mouth shut until I learn by experiences, not by books. Anyhow, so to home, and E.L. called just as I was about to assemble the two bar stools. We ended up talking, video-chatting for a while. I played music as I assembled the bar stools. I bent over at times during the assembly. He watched, talked, smoked a joint. He told me he went to T.L. And I know how it goes on...But I am to see him tomorrow for he told me how him and L. misses S. and I have to drop off S. at E.L.'s. Also, I will be in the area anyway to pick up my check at M.H. I am taxed to poverty. Why does the government thus have claim to my value, my blood, sweat and tears?