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? A Day With Aimee ?
2019-01-09 09:18:53 (UTC)

Over Half a Lifetime Ago

Over half a lifetime ago, I got married.  It wasn't what you would call a love story though...  It was more like a scary ghost story.??

It started when we moved into our first apartment together.  It was a cute little one bedroom upstairs apartment with an attic.  From the outside, it looked like an old house.  The paint was peeling and the wooden stairs that led to the entrance were rotting, and needed to be replaced.  My first thought was that we should just keep looking..but, we didn't want to be rude and cancel our appointment at the last minute.

Inside, was beautiful.  Everything was remodeled and freshly painted.  All the floors were redone, and had all new carpet.  There was also extra storage in the attic which I thought was awesome.  My fiance and I loved it, and signed the lease that day...

It wasn't long after we moved in that things started getting strange.   The first thing that was strange, but we didn't think much about; was that the heater stopped working, and when I called the landlord he told us that he can't come look at it after dark, and that we'd have to wait till morning.. Okay, whatever...lol

The next day, his maintenance guy came to look at it, but nothing was wrong.. The thing just started working again..ugh.  The same thing happened almost every day throughout the cold Nebraska winter.  At some point I think the maintenance guy either thought I was an idiot who couldn't work a thermostat, or I was just trying to make excuses for him to come over???Hopefully he just thought I was an idiot.  It's kind of creepy to think the other way lol.

Anyways, when the weather started warming and we no longer needed the heater, other things started happening... At first it was just small things.  Like I would set my soda down on one of the end tables, and suddenly it would be gone and I'd find it in the bedroom or something.

Bryan at that point thought I was just exhausted and working too many hours.  So we decided that I would quit one of my jobs so that I could get a little more rest...

That didn't help.. It got worse.  Now, I felt paranoid because I felt like someone was  ?? watching me when I was alone.

I told Bryan about this, and he put extra locks on the doors and windows for me so that I would feel safer.  One night, we actually did catch our neighbors brother peeking in the window from the back stairwell.  Bryan was home at the time, and went out and had a "chat" with him.  Ok, well he gave the kid a choice..lol .He could apologize to me and live, or get thrown head first over the railing.  Needless to say, the kid apologized.

But that didn't explain things being moved around in the apartment, and I still had that paranoid feeling when I was alone.

A few months later, Bryan and I were making dinner.  We were going to have chicken and mashed potatoes.  How do I remember that? Because it was one of the most scariest nights of my life..

Bryan had gone to the restroom and asked me to do the potatoes.  I turned around to get the milk from the fridge.. As I turned, I witnessed the refrigerator door shut slowly and an onion float down to the floor where my pet rabbit was penned up.

I really didn't know what to do.  I was scared by what I saw, so I grabbed the onion and ran to the bathroom to get Bryan.

He tried to calm me down, and we went back to the kitchen to finish dinner.  But when he went to do the potatoes, all the skin and fat  from the chicken looked like it had been shredded and put into the potatoes.  It was gross.

I told him over and over that I didn't ruin the potatoes, and he assured me that he believed me.  So we ordered a pizza, and planned to try to do some research on the house and see what our options were.

That night when we went to bed, we were just about to sleep when we heard a loud thud from the attic.

You ever watch a horror movie, and someone hears a noise..so they go half naked to check it out, then end up dead??  I tried to get Bryan to go, but he just pulled me close and told me it was probably just a squirrel.  I'm not saying that I don't blame him, but... a squirrel? Really...

Anyways, we cuddled and started to fall asleep. Then around 3am, we were both attacked by something that we couldn't see.

Bryan had what looked like bite marks all over his stomach..  I had scratches on my back that looked like claw marks.   I was so scared that I couldn't move.  Bryan carried me downstairs to the car and we left.

I was still being attacked in the car.  Bryan held a Bible on me and we prayed begging God to make it stop.

We didn't know what else to do.  The only thing that I could think was that in the movies people call a priest.  Being that I went to a catholic school, that was right next to the house where my high school religion teacher lived....We went there.

My teacher didn't even remember me.  He said a prayer for Bryan and I and recommended that I get some psychological help.  It was obvious that he thought I was crazy.  I felt so let down.. If the church couldn't help, who could?

We ended up going to Bryans fathers house and staying there... I was afraid to sleep, and when I did sleep I got attacked.  One night I was attacked, and I couldn't breathe.  Bryan rushed me to the hospital.  They said I was hyperventilating, and only taking in a third of the air that I should..so they gave me a shot of something..

The only thing I remember after that is they asked what I wanted to happen, and I said I wanted to sleep.  A week later I woke up in the psych ward.

When I was there, I had a nurse that was assigned to watch over me.  I'm not sure why.. However, she was the only one that I felt that I could talk too.  One night I woke up screaming around 3am..as I guess I did every night...

She was there, and instead of trying to calm me down, she sat me up..and asked what was happening to me.  I cant remember what happened.. but after the fact she held me, told me she believed me and said I was going to be okay.

She also told me that this hospital couldn't help me.. But if I wanted to get out, I was going to have to pretend that I was all better, and I would probably have to agree to go to out patient therapy.

I was put on an antidepressant..which I didn't take after I got released, and though I said I would, I never went to therapy...because I knew they would just think that I was crazy.

Instead, Bryan and I went to his church.. Well, they called it a Kingdom Hall..(He was a Jehovah's Witness) I'm not sure what the difference was.. but hey too let us down.  In fact, they disfellowshipped him because we weren't married.

Bryan asked that I be able to study, and that they pray for me..but it didn't sit right with me.   The lady that I studied with a couple of times asked what happened and I told her the story.

She told me that God was allowing this to happen as a punishment for not being married, and not being "clean." She also condemned Bryan, because he should have known better than to get involved with me.

When I told her how we met, and that he may have saved my life because my ex boyfriend was abusive, she told me that he should have let God do with me what he was going to do, and that it was none of his business... WoW.. Guess who got up and left without looking back.. This girl right here..lol

At this point, I had lost faith in organized religion, but I did take to heart that maybe all the problems we were having was some kind of punishment for not being married.

So, in hopes that we would be "right with God" we put our wedding on a fast track and got married in a justice of the peace.

It was in no way romantic... after we said our I do's we had lunch at Hardees and went back home to his fathers house.

And that was that.. There was no white dress, no cake..no reception..just a piece of paper stating that we were married.

If I ever get remarried, I've made a promise to myself that I will have my dream wedding, and cake... (the cake is important) lol

I want that memory that so many others have.  And I want to be in love rather than feeling obligated..

I'm not saying that my marriage was a mistake.  I'm sure that I loved him to some extent,  but it surely wasn't for the right reasons.  Lesson learned.