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2019-01-09 07:25:41 (UTC)

More Corey ramblings.

I feel like I have a lot to say tonight. Being sober off of everything makes my mind race and gives me a bit of insomnia, I don't mind it so much right now because my days consist of waking up early and dicking around until I feel tired enough to call it a night. Lately the latest I've been up is like 11 or 12 but tonight is special I guess? Not for any particular reason I don't think. I might stay up till Corey gets up for school so I can talk to him a bit. We're on the phone right now anyway, he likes to fall asleep with me on call and I think it's adorable. I love his voice ugh especially his sleepy voice.
I love everything about him.
I'm in love with his every feature inside and out. He is perfection embodied and personified.
His hair is a soft brown like the color of fallen leaves, browned and sleek with the first rain of autumn and very curly. He calls it his 'jew fro' despite not even being jewish, I guess thats the funny part
His skin matches the same color scheme as his hair, a soft taupe hue, a latte complected treat.
His eyes are so blue, like orbs of watercolored oceans and fields of beautiful cornflowers. A myriad forming to create the perfect cloudless sky, prince charming caliber. The contrast between his skin and hair is drastic in such an enticing way, I melt every time I see him honestly. The coolness of his eyes are warmed by his honeyed skin and soft features, like calming waves grazing over undisturbed sand.
No one feature makes Corey so handsome. People often pick one feature and deem them attractive as if they carried some sort of importance in said person, Corey could be completely opposite in looks and I still think he'd be beautiful in every way imaginable.
His beauty comes from deep within, a peaceful divinity, as if his soul shines through his skin.
His personality is kind of gentle but the frame is resilient. He radiates such a healthy confidence with everything he sets his mind to, such a bright mind.
He loves computers and music, not necessarily in that order. I think he's learning to play the harmonica. He doesn't like his singing voice, but I am absolutely in love with it.
He's incredibly intelligent, wise beyond his years. I like to believe he's been reincarnated sometimes.
Happiness has never been easy to achieve for me, but when I'm talking to him its so simple. He makes every morning worth it.
I love you, Corey.