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2019-01-12 09:59:13 (UTC)

dumb, toxic "parents" who only see money

and you will NEVER get my love, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!
you think i fucking care about money?!!!! you think i fucking care about expensive gifts, and you ALWAYS rubbing it in my face how much money to spent on me?!!!!!
you will NEVER buy my love!!!!!!!!
money just helps to get you freedom, having the ability to go wherever you want, buy whatever you want, but money NEVER replaces emotional support, understanding, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, respecting another human being and not put them down
you will fucking regret treating me like shit and thinking money will buy you my love when i run off to the other side of the globe and never come back!
and i dont fucking care about inheritance, i can earn my own money..you can put them in your coffin for all i care
you know why i wanted to study abroad, and why i came back a lot happier? because i was in a fucking PARADISE being away from you...and i also had a good friend to come back to who accepted me the way i am and who treated me nice like no one before

*if i can live thru this, i can do [FUCKING] ANYTHING*