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2019-01-09 13:57:46 (UTC)

And then this happens....

1 week into the year...… and I get that email that says "Customer informed us about your end date, your Project has been completed - Notes from Customer: She was helping us out with a phone porting project that has now been completed. She was a great asset for the project and we thank her for her contribution.

That's it. No warning. No severance of course but it was nice last time. I have about 40 bucks to my name. No savings. I need to come up with $860 in 7 days. I have a kid that loves to eat. I'm calm. I don't know how I feel. Im a lil off …. but not too much. I think I'm getting use to the feeling of the unknown and not freaking out about it. I'm not ready of course.... even after 2 years to interview confidently and I haven't successfully completed my test yet. I don't have money to relax and I don't have the time … I should be hitting the ground running but of course Im sick and need to get well so i'm not all coughing in the interviewers face.

and I JUST got my gym membership!

I'm nervous because I don't feel like I have my God behind me. I haven't been the best of servants because I'm constantly lusting after jamal. and too overwhelm to keep up with my spiritual routine. It hasn't been of quality. I try to stay on track with meeting and service but I don't feel like i'm 100% and without Jah by myside, I feel I'm doomed to fail. I need something between 20 and 26 for the next 6 months. I don't want to take anymore shorts. I have to finish updating my resume and republishing it online. I have to reach out to all the recruiters. I have to pass this test and take my linkedin pics. sigh. it sounds like nothing but totally overwhelming. I need to conquer my fear of interviews. I really do.

I haven't told my mom yet. I want it to sink in and be focused. Its nice to have time to not rush or have to dress up for work. Or comb my hair. Plus she is going to just worry. But I need to be on a strict routine. I'm still super focused on moving. If I had $7000 I could pay off my bills and car note and just be responsible for $1840.00 for a entire month to pay bills!

What will 2019 bring?