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2019-01-11 03:55:25 (UTC)

Night Hawks

So, I am going to pray tonight that we will get this money tomorrow and hope we find an apartment asap. But, I need this darn textbook for class and my mother truly wants to see my counselor with me on Monday. Little does she know I will call my counselor and tell her to lie that or tell her face to face idk if she will do it though. Either way I don't plan on messing up this Winter semester and if we do not get this money this weekend. I plan on dropping the class on Monday after I see my counselor. Update you guys tomorrow. We are crashing at my mom's friends apartment and she works tomorrow!
I don't know if I feel comfortable being there with him for hours. I mean he isn't a creep or anything like that but still! I just don't want it to be awkward also him and my mom use to date. (Don't worry she isn't interested in him anymore) Update you guys tomorrow. Have a great day or night wherever you are in the world.