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Mariel is MIA
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Đánh bạc miễn phí 2019 tip jar

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2019-01-08 19:51:15 (UTC)

Low key before NYCee

Well, i've been trying to maintain an even keel. Brian and i chatted daily this week and he seems so happy with "us." i just am not so sure it's all that, as he says. i'm also trying to maintain my composure for the trip to NYC this weekend. i promised M i would take part in his investment at his club. He's moving up in the ranks, which is important to him. There are a lot of financial types he deals with in the group and he won't want to lose face.

He explained to me, the ceremony is basically an auction. When a member is first inducted, he brings a SO and she is auctioned off for a charity. It's a little more involved, mind you. First round is $1,000, and with every new level they nominate you for, they tack on another 10 Benjamins. i actually had to sign a consent to be auctioned, reason being that someone can out bid the man being elevated. If that happens, he gets to take possession for the evening. The max amount for the ceremony is known beforehand. Saturday will be M's second elevation, so $3,000. To keep things cool, the member being invested gets to make the final bid, so if the ante is raised to the full amount, M would be allowed to bid the final bid, plus $1. i asked if anyone has ever lost and he was honest and said yes. When the person being invested wants to give his woman up for the night, he may force the bids to the end and not top it. He says it all depends on how the members in attendance want to play. Sometimes, there isn't much interest and not much is raised. Other times, they want some member to get the tab. There are always the trading of partners, all known beforehand. Some members just want to embarrass another member into making a bigger donation. The longer you are a member, the more expensive it becomes. Of course, these guys can afford it. It's a very tight group and these guys are rivals in business, so they taunt each other like children.

So i know that there is a possibility of being in possession of another man for the evening, but i sincerely doubt it. M said the member in charge would go over the rules and possibilities and establish safe words and all. In other words, i can refuse, but that has consequences for M. While he's coy about it all, i'm have full faith that come Sunday morning, he will be out $3,001!