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A southern life
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2019-01-09 03:33:23 (UTC)


So I was looking for a new wallpaper for my phone and I was looking through my old pictures and I notice how mid 2017 to mid 2018 I was really fat or well chubby cuz I’m not obese whatever call it fat if you want.....and I look at myself now and I’ve lost some weight but not in a good way...I started working and going to school mid 2018 and I was stressed a lot. Mid 2017 was when i had my breakup and I was sad so I gained weight and I didn’t do much that whole year until mid 2018 where I started working and going to school and felt so stressed (i wasn’t eating right, I missed meals, I even picked up smoking (which let’s be honest I’ve smoked 2-3 times but I threw away my pack I swear) but yeah 2018 although productive was not healthy)

I got to catch up with a old friend and omg she is fat! I wouldn’t tell that to her face but like she gained a lot of weight that compared me to her I’m still the same. I feel bad and I don’t want to become fat like her. I really need to change my habits like omg.

I remember when I was in high school I considered myself chubby and I was talking to this girl one time and we were talking about weight. I told her I need to lose weight cuz I’m chubby she laughed and rolled her eyes and was like you’re not chubby. I was determined to prove her wrong so I lift up my shirt so she could she my gut spill out and she blushed red giggled and was like “WOAW I did not expect that! Omg you have a tummy!” And I’m like “yeah I’m chubby! Haha” and I get why she was kind of offended she is like a much bigger girl but because of her height and I wouldn’t call her fat or obese is just that she’s taller than your average woman she’s like a amazon women I thought she was very pretty.....

Anyways yeah I need to do something. I need to change my mind of bad habits and just start eating better and do some type of movement at least once a week. I want to join a gym but like I had a gym before and I never went to it so I’m like what’s the point if I join one now?

So let’s just start with my eating habits first.