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Whole 30 beginner
2019-01-09 02:47:44 (UTC)

Day 2

breakfast: 2 fried eggs 2 pieces whole 30 approved uncured turkey bacon
lunch: salad with avocado jalapeno dressing and chicken breast
snack: apple and 2 hardboiled eggs
dinner: warm beef and broccoli salad. (it was actually really tasty and i sauteed some onions so to add to it)

Day 2 flew by. Unfortunatley I had a really rough day at work. The machine that does the bulk of my work broke this morning. So I spent the entire day at work trying to fix said machine. But because of this I was completely distracted all day and didn't even think about food. So I can't tell you if day 2 would normally be harder than day 1. But it was easy peasy for me. And dinner was really good. Not hard to make at all. So it was just a good way to end the day. And now i know that this is an easy recipe that I can repeat (bonus all the kids ate it as well.)

Im just feeling really positive about this so far. Only good things can come from it. You aren't allowed to weigh yourself during the 30 days. So I'm really excited to see what the scale says 28 days from now.... Now i realize that is still a long way to go. I mean 30 days is not a long time. idealistically it goes by so fast when you are just living life. but this is 30 days of super focus super healthy super lots of extra work. so it's probably going to feel like an eternity once like week 2 or 3 hits. And im realizing this is going to be very expensive. I have to cook dinner for 8 people everyday plus there has to be enough left over for 4 lunches the following day. I went to the grocery store the day before we started with the intention of knowing i would be back during the week but i still spent over 100 dollars on veggies and things.... now i have to go to the store already tomorrow and i think it will be a minimum of 100.

But money aside it will be worth it. My husband said he feels good and had a really good day. I did add extra protein in his lunch today since he burns through his food so much faster than i do. now i've got to go make my kids lunches for tomorow. i'll plan out my grocery list tonight as well so I don't end up extra shopping and getting things i don't need. thankfully im' off work wednesday and thursday so i'm hoping to get some sauces made. like my own mayo and my own ketchup. Maybe a chimmichurri sauce. my only fear with not working is that those are my days i make bad eating choices. I need to not allow myself snacks and things.

So here goes good luck to tomorow. hoping for a good day!!!!

have a good night