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Letters to my kids
2019-01-15 00:42:20 (UTC)

Daughter dearest

I asked you the other day what you wanted to be when you grow up and you whispered "teacher". Then quickly changed your mind to mother.
I felt proud and distraught all at once. When I was a kid, my heros gave my ambitions life.
I secretly hope that I have inspired you. Perhaps there is something you see in me that nobody else can. A catastrophic strength perhaps. One little you needs to face the world. I love you so much my little baby. Even if your dream has nothing to do at all with me.
I HAVETO help you be a mother the right way if that is what you ask of life. I just cant do it alone sweet girl.

You made me laugh though because I told you that there was so many options and you couldnt understand. As though teacher and mother where the only things that make the world go round.
You have been through so much and this proves it. Youre so fixated on encouragement because you feel so discouraged. I know. Mommy knows.