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Confessions of an addict
2019-01-09 00:06:24 (UTC)

Catfish number 10

I fell in like with a tall guy. I laid eyes on him and listened to all of his interest because we have mutual friends. I resisted. But kept being reminded of him and running into him. So mysterious. He’s not very outgoing. How else could I find out what I wanted to know? So I logged on to an old Instagram account. A fake account because real me could never talk to him. Real me..is married and has children. He instantly fell for the catfish account. She is a beautiful girl. Curly hair. Blue eyes. (Pictures are public so not illegal) I’ve had this account for like 4 years. We talked and talked. I told lie after lie. After lie. Escaping from reality. The thing is..my reality isn’t bad! I’m so blessed. But for some reason I get pulled back in to this unreal life. He’s moving away. So we only had a short amount of time to meet each other. Of course that couldn’t happen because I’m not real. She’s not real. Today was his last day here and I’m forced to let him go. Forced to hear how he’s never going to speak to me again because he’s never met me. Have to deactivate my fake number tomorrow. And after telling one more lie...deactivate the Instagram account. Hopefully this time forever.