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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-08 10:03:11 (UTC)


Tuesday January 8th

The past few days have been nice (besides the heat) and I've actually been getting a good amount of sleep and not being woken up by dumb shit.

Me and my mom have been good, except for literally just now as I'm typing she decides to start trying to clean and be loud at 11PM at night, but we've been okay otherwise.

I'm still feeling a lot of guilt for making her cry, and felt physically sick over it yesterday. I can't really explain it, I just felt sick. Like I wanted to throw up but there wasn't anything to actually throw up.

I'm still focused on wanting to move out though, I'm meeting Mark again on the 14th and I'll definitely try and bring it up again. Ask well as ask him for any ideas on where I can go to study.

I've still been playing For Honor. I've pretty much decided I'm just going to be a Nobushi main because I find her extremely fun to play. But I was playing Orochi a bit today.

I ordered Nier Automata and I think it should arrive tomorrow.

I also brought Doodle God, Doodle Devil and Doodle Kingdom on PSN.
I got to the end of Doodle God but the shit glitched on me (twice) where making certain elements would eventually get rid of others. Basically I've got to be carful and make everything in a certain order at the end which is pretty fucking stupid. I've played a little of Doodle Devil and I haven't started Doodle Kingdom yet.

I also cut my hair, it's a lot shorter then it usually is but it's still got the same style. Short on the sides and then kind of moved over to the side on the top. The "fuccboi" haircut as some people have called it.

One of my favorite animes, Konosuba, is getting a dub on the 15th. I'm kind of surprised cause I didn't see it ever getting one, I'm excited but also a little scared just because I love that series so much and I don't want the voices to sound stupid.

Don't think I've really got anything else to say.