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2019-01-07 09:07:20 (UTC)

Day 6 of 2019

Day 6!!
Already I am exhausted of this year haha. I need to set myself a goal, but what goal can it be. I need to loose weight so maybe that's an idea, get rid of my mum tum and get me summer body ready!
It was Sunday so me thinking we was going to have a lazy day I had another thing coming. We had to rush to mums to see my brother as his birthday on 7th and I wont see him cause of work so we saw him them and he lives far away too so we met at mums house as always. When we were leaving to go down someone asked where we were going to stay for three weeks because we were getting licked out for three weeks, so we thought FUCK, we had to rush down to rush back to pack all of our things. We met our friend on way back then went to unpack at the in-laws.

as you can probably tell I cant be bothered to write anymore cause I would of gone into a lot more detail about it but I cba.

yours laziness,

Mystery'Girl x