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2019-01-07 08:50:01 (UTC)

Day 5 of 2019

So Saturday 5th January.
The time where EVERYONE is broke, fat and lazy. We pretty much didn't do anything apart from got up I fed my son (well tried) I think there might be something wrong with him as he has barley been eating and barley been himself. He's normally jumping around eating anything he can get his hands on but over the past few days he gets up and just lays on the sofa his toys not touched at all:/. I will take him to the doctors if it carries on I think cause he has been ill more times than I can count of two hands this year and we're only on the 5th day.

Anyway, we thought we'd try cheery him up and take him to see him baby cousin who is 5 months old, so my partner finished work came and picked us up and we headed to my sisters house. Was so lovely to be there because my dad was also there and I don't get to see him very often. Honestly he is the best man! He isn't my real dad but he is the closest thing to it. He was with my mum they Nearly got married (they broke up on their wedding day) and still to this day even though they are not together he still takes care of us., He had a baby with my mum she is 15 in Feb, So as well of taking care of his own daughter he also took on 6 other kids who began to have kids of their own me included. and he treats us all as his own and I will treasure that for the rest of my life because you get those dead beat dads that don't even wanna look after the one and only one they got but he took on 6 other kids that weren't his.

anyway so we left and me and my sister decided to go on a spontaneous shopping trip after. She is a bad influence because she makes me spend loads but not this time, I was on a budget, I had Christmas money left over so I thought fuck it, my partner took my son to his nans and me and my sister had some lovely sister time together, now we both have kids we never really get that anymore and we always use to do it..

So we done that and decided to get the kids and the partners and went for food, my god!!! they didn't have any burgers left or wrapps or PINK FUCKING GIN I was fuming. Ended up eating chicken and chips -_-. My son nothing of course cause he wasn't himself, so we did that then headed home.
Until Next time.
Yours Thankfully
Mystery'girl x