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2019-01-07 08:44:08 (UTC)

Day 4 of 2019

Day 4 aye, wow how time flys when you're having fun.

Not a whole lot to say really, I had work-I work Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 so most of my day consists of sitting at the front desk waiting for some entertainment to walk through the door (Visitors).
Not much happened but have you guys all heard of the new Netflix series 'YOU'? Oh my goodness it is amazing, I watched it all Friday while at work for something to do and I am telling you I nearly re-watched it all over again haha. If you are looking for inspiration on what to watch that is the go-to!!
Anyway, I went and picked my son up and went home ha, we had dinner and literally went to bed. So Friday night was a bit of a bore really. Well not that I can remember if we did anything else my mind has gone blank so I think I might as well leave it as that hahahahha.

Yours Confusingly,
Mystery'Girl x