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2019-01-05 21:40:11 (UTC)

More than a week gap. How I ..

More than a week gap. How I could account for the events of the past week I have no clue. But on New Year’s Eve, I was going to meet E.L. at T.L. I actually drove to the bar and parked nearby. But when I saw people dressed up when I’ve worked sixteen hours and was on my scrubs, I decided against it. Rather, I picked up S. at E.L.’s and drove home, I speeding up my wheels at about 90mph to get to my apartment before midnight. I managed to get home about ten minutes into the New Year. Father and mother were home. Mother in the kitchen cooking. I opened a bottle of wine. The TV was on the CNN channel and when the hour stroke midnight, we cheered and screamed. A rather intimate way to spend the New Year. It’s been over ten years, I think, since we last spent New Year’s Eve together.
As for today, woke up at 10:30AM. Went to Postal Annex to pick up my Anatomy book. E.L. texted me how he finds M. intolerable. And when her lease ends in six months, it would be no surprise if E.L. wouldn’t renew her contract. It is 1:50PM to be exact. I’m off to work in forty minutes. I’m working thirty-one days straight this month, a fact which I disclose with glee to my co-workers.
Real cold and gloomy day. Dun, grey clouds and the hills look muted blue in the horizon. A trickle of rain fell on my windshield as I was driving earlier.