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2019-01-04 14:22:53 (UTC)

How did I end up here?

How did I end up here?
Dear diary,
After all the heartache and the sore that I sooth myself in, how did I not see that I was going to be the sate that I am in today. I was always told that no-one would even care if I was even here anymore or not... The amount of times I told myself "this is true". But then I said "FUCK YOU".
After all I was told and never there was any justice in sight, why? why can't anyone see how wrong it was? They're still out there living their lives while I have to sleep every night knowing what happened to me, knowing what happened to the others.
I have to try and live my life knowing that possibly this... this has probably happened to someone else, I-ME, was not the only person.

what sort of sick things people think about to make my skin crawl like a heaving fungus growing on someone's big toe.

I was the first, she was the second and they were the third. I got on with my life, no matter how many times I think about it and know what has actually happened I got over it and moved on- maybe I didn't move on as much as I thought I did, maybe this is what I needed to make myself happy again.

I always wondered what it was that made me so emotional, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, now I am standing on that grave that I berried so many years ago. I know those two people are still out there living as though nothing happened but I know, they know and others know too.

Hey Thanks for listening.

Yours Emotionally.
Mystery girl x