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2019-01-04 09:07:46 (UTC)

Day 3 of 2019

Well, where the heck do I start, wowza.
As you all know I have a boring mum life, I get up get ready get my son ready drop him off at childcare and head off to work, well yesterday I did exactly that not knowing when I finish work the shit would coming poring down.
I went and picked my son up from my mothers (Childcare) and decided to just chill there for a little while as I hadn't actually seen my mum since xmas day for a while apart from dropping my son of then leaving straight away for work. We had some nice chill time. My little baby sister was there and not long after my mums boyfriend came home. Anyway that bit was boring because all we literally did was sit and chill with a lovely cup of tea.
My partner ended up finishing work and picked us up because I was way too tired to drive, we got home and our next door neighbour shit the life out of us, we were just about to get out and as we turned around he is standing there in the pitch black. He only came to tell us the power has gone, we had a massive power cut in a few places where we live and it had been of for over an hour, this pissed me off cause I just wanted to get dinner started, have a shower then go the fuck to bed. But no, we decided to just go get some KFC due to us not being able to cook, we got there sat in the car eating because my son was asleep in the back, not long after starting to eat my son starts to wake up vomiting... EVERYWHERE. so we had to stop and get home pronto. When we got back the power still was not on... tis night couldn't of gotten any worse. We ended up phoning the in-laws to see if we could stay the night because it was far too cold and dark for us to stay there as my son has to sleep with a bathroom light on. So I went in with the torch on my phone trying to gather bits for the next day to take with us, I lent in the fridge to get my lunch and my fucking god, the weekly food shop I had bought just the day before had pretty much gone off already, the smell was just awful. Lets bare in mind I do not have a brilliantly paid job and at this point I have £3.82 in my bank account and no change neither. So I was thinking fuck know how we're going to get more food. My mum said she can sort something out for us which was nice of her cause she isn't exactly rich herself.

so we're on our way back down to our in-laws and my son is being sick ten times more but it looked more like foam, we said if it carried on today then we will go to the walk-in centre to see if he can get seen.

As they say it never rains but it pours.

Until next time, yours stressfully