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2019-01-03 08:59:14 (UTC)

The Hot Red In My Eyes ;)

Who has ever had a dream while awake? such known as a day dream haha.

*I wake up in the morning to a slightly shaky bed with some weird man groaning*
* I turn to look at HIM with his trousers down and hand smothering is big, hard Cock*
"why is he doing that on his own" I ask myself.
*I roll over stop him, I take his hand, put it down my tight fitted Pyjama shorts and let him do his thing, while this is happening I am rubbing my hand and my mouth against him dick, I am groaning hes groaning and it starts to get started*

He kisses me on my neck which send a tingle down my spine, he does it again but this time it sends a big tingle right down to where I am about to shove his cock, I am so fucking wet and all I am saying is "I want you" "I want you so fucking bad" But still he is teasing me kissing and touching my inner thigh holding me close around my waist pulling closer into his hot steamy body, more and more tingles are going through my body getting me hornier and HORnier and HORNIER!!

I wait no longer-I pall away and whip of my shorts, I crawl up towards him I sit on him while taking my shirt off, to this point I have 0 clothing items on, I kiss him and bite him and tease him... its only fair right? I wave his cock around my vagina, I rub it between the lips, I go to go in but uh uh uh, not before I got to lick it, You know what I think to my self FUCK IT!

I get his cock, shove it in and ride him like a hoe! Like my life depends on it, I kiss him as I get slower and slower, when he picks me up and spins me around while he gets on top feeling my legs while going gently... in and out... in... and out.
All I want is hard "harder, please fuckkkkk,, harder, I need it harrrd" he gets harder slamming against me he slapps me on my bum and oh hell fuck ive reached the climax, "oooo im coming oh yeah yes YES!!!!"

He carries on going hard and fast until he groans " im coming baby", He palls out and he cums all over my big but while I look him in the eye and sooth him so just keep coming. "oh baby, you're so good, I want you to fuck me more"