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2019-01-03 08:42:27 (UTC)

Day 2 of 2019

The second day was only yesterday and it feels like it was a year ago.
It was back to work for me :( Life goes on another day another dollar so the Americans say but I am in England (whos with me?) so another day another pound:D
Nah, that doesn't have the same ring to it.

Anyway back to work I went and I started at 8:30am until 4:30pm, so the usual... go to work when it is dark then go home when it is dark.

I didn't actually do much yesterday as you might of seen in another one of my entries I never have anything to so apart from sit there staring at my phone. Anyway I got work over and done with and it was the dreaded time to do my weekly food shop, my mum was so kind enough to say shed have my son for an extra 45 minutes or so while I went and did that.
It was busy as fuck! Nothing in the supermarket so I had to go to 3 of them to get all that was on my god damn list, not gonna lie it pissed me right of because I did not have time.
For your information the shops I went to was-
1) Lidl
2) Icelands
3) Costco.
something I really didn't want to and couldn't be bothered to do but needed to be done.

By the time I had done that and picked my son up it was time to pick my partner up from work also as he couldn't be bothered to drive so it was my turn. Anyway I picked him up and went home and guess what I weirdly had for dinner? A MOTHER FUCKING FRY-UP BITCHES. Ever since the first day I had been dyyyyying for a fry-up so I bloody well had one:D.
what I had in it-
1) Bacon
2) Sausages
3) Chips
4) Beans
5) Mushroom
6) Chopped Tomato
7) Fried Bread.
My goodness it was even better than the burger I had new year day and I had cooked it myself.

Anyway as you all have probably gathered I am not a very interesting person its work cook clean then bed.
But hey you never know there might be drama in my life so keep reading ;)

yours boringly Mystery Girl x