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2019-01-03 08:31:21 (UTC)

Day 1 of 2019

I wanted to start a diary of each day of the year (to ne honest I doubt I actually will stick to it) and we are now on the 3rd, the past few days have been long but this is my first entry, so let me take you back to 1st January 2019.

I woke up feeling like hell, I slept on an airbed the night before so I woke up feeling like I was on a bouncy castle which does not help when you have a huge hangover let me tell you. It also didn't help that I had someone snoring so loud I thought someone was cutting down a tree right next to my head. That I got over I got on with but the hangover I had was just horrific, not had anything like it In a while.
I had a cup of tea with my friends helped clean up a little before leaving to go home, take a shower, have food then pick my son up.
All I wanted was a greasy fry-up, but low and behold NO WHERE was open-_-.
I then had to wait until 11am to eat but still no where was open until... I cam across the amazing Havester, we missed the breakfast time of day but about 10 minutes but hey I also got over that and decided to go for a greasy classic burger and my god it was b-a-oootiful.

We went to pick our son up and the smile on my sons, my partner and my face when we all clocked eyes was the most magical feeling, I had missed this cheeky monkey; he ran up to me holding a big kiss and massive cuddle. Oh I couldn't of been happier at this point.
we went home and for the rest of the day (still hanging) played with his toys made dinner and went to bed.

We didn't do much but who the heck does when they are hanging out their ass?

Day one, Tick.

Yours Happily Mystery Girl x