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2019-01-02 09:42:37 (UTC)

welcome 2019

I went into 2019 running away form my boyfriend because I thought he was kissing one of my best friends, I cannot believe my behaviour towards him! It was disgusting and I cannot be any more sorry for how I was. Not using it as an excuse but I was Pink Gin drunk and when Pink Gin hits me-it hits me hard that I don't even know my own bloody name.

I need to stop or at least take it easy when I am drinking that because last time I ended up waking up in a pub toilet. My boyfriend wasn't kissing me friend, well they did kiss but it was on the cheek because he was letting her hotspot his phone I just walked in at the wrong time I guess. I don't know I just saw that and saw red I just didn't know what to do, I said sorry to the both of them all that mumbo jumbo, but still surely I should get a sorry too, no? just for the pure fact that were together most of the night and I barley saw him all night then when I do they're complimenting one another then palling away from each other so what would anyone else think? also say sorry for making me feel how I did, if I trusted him 100% surely I wouldn't of got the wrong end of the stick?://
I mean it has happened before but we worked through it and I just wanted answers from something that had already happened and never got the answers for if that makes sense.

anyway lets see what 2019 brings me aye.
Until next time