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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-02 08:06:51 (UTC)

New Years (2018)

Wednesday January 2nd

"A Portrait Of" by Sorority Noise

2019! We made it.

New Years Eve was pretty fun. Me and Ian stopped off at his dad's where we packed everything away in his dad's car. His dad is called Allen by the way, I'll be calling him Al for short though.

Where we were going is Al's friend Joe's batch. It's basically where he owns a fuck ton of land where he's built a bunch of stuff. There's also a lot of sheep there too. Oh, and a few chickens oh and a damn rooster.

I made sure to thank Al for taking me, and when we were about to start the drive I saw Joe and thanked him for letting me go as well, since yknow, it's his land and all.

The drive was kind of intense for me, I'm not really used to long drives and the way to the batch had so many damn twists and turns that I felt sick. Al was nice and asked me every now and then if I was doing good and said to tell him if I wanted to pull over. The car ride was about an hour and twenty minutes. Roughly.

It was out in an area called the Kiwi Bay and oh my god, fuckin' beautiful. There's like a small neighborhood of houses and a few shops next to this big open ocean where the hills around it kind of curve and basically form an entrance. Really nice looking place, and so lively too. There were so many boats out, people fishing and little kids playing around in the water.

So at the batch you had me, Ian and Al. Along with Joe and his girl, as well as the girls three kids, one of the guys girlfriend and her kid. I don't know any of their names. I think they were all in their twenties, except the kid. He must of been like five or six.

We set up camp, me and Ian slept in the same tent while Al slept in the car.

Me and Ian sat down with everyone else, one the other guys introduced himself and shook our hands. I can't remember his name though.

We drunk coke at first but soon started drinking actual alcohol. We were both drinking Woodstock bourbon.

It was pretty fun for quite awhile, good laughs all around. Joe offered me some weed, usually I would of taken it but since I'm trying to do this whole thing with the benefit and they might drug test me I'd rather not take the risk right now.

Eventually I started to drink my Jack Daniels I brought. I had it straight in a flask. Despite drinking more then pretty much everyone else, as well as stronger stuff I reckon I was still one of the more sober people. The guys girlfriend wasn't drinking because she was taking care of her kid, Joe's missus was drinking but not as much I think. Joe was drinking quite a bit too but I don't think he was that drunk. So after those lot I was the most sober.

Oh yeah, Joe had a pig pen. At some point me and Ian looked at them.

At some point I walked off somewhere, where well I can't really remember, but when I came back there were these two random ass mother fuckers. I know now that one was Joe's cousin and the other was literally just some dude who Joe's cousin was friends with I guess.

By this time it was already 2019 and 1am. We had seen some fire works getting lit in the distance.

They were dickheads. Well, the cousins friend wasn't too bad he was just full of shit. He was saying some shit that sounded nice, but also kind of didn't. "Hey you kids.. don't let anyone hold you down. Enjoy your life while you're young." Sounds okay right? Then he hits us with "BECAUSE WHEN YOU'RE OLDER IT NEVER GETS ANY BETTER ITS ALL DOWN HILL FROM THERE. I'VE BEEN SINGLE FOR SIX YEARS AND I'M FINE." I'm like, alright bro. He gave me some of his Tequila though.

Him and the cousin were then talking about rugby. This fucking game guy dude was then telling us he could go toe to toe with the All Blacks and probably beat em. Like alright bro. And when we told him what school we used to go to he said that they kept trying to recruit him. Like yeah okay bro.

The cousin, I just remembered his name is Willie.

So I couldn't see Willie very well but was ugly from what I could make out. Like, mad ugly. And later when he was going people were calling him Dolphin so there's that.

Anyway, the reason why I say he's a dick is because apparently he kept trying to pour Tequila into Ian's drink. Keep in mind Ian was really drunk and was pretty much lying on the ground, and Ian doesn't drink heavy alcohol anyway. I didn't realize this was happening either because I was slumped outside on the couch just chilling.

So, Al being Ian's dad and all was telling the guy to stop tryna mess with Ian. Again, I had no idea what was going on. That then lead to them basically fighting, although I'd hardly call it a fight. Al got knocked out but smacked Willie in the side of the head with a torch. In Al's defense, he was just looking out for Ian. Plus he's like in his early fifties. Willie is like twenty. Not exactly a fair fight.

He was only out for about a minute, probably not even that. I'm pretty sure Willie and his friend got told to leave, and then Joe's missus helped Al up. After he was up I walked him to his car and took him to bed.

When I walked back Ian was pretty much out of it and laying half awake on the grass. So me and Joe's missus picked him up and dropped him off at the tent. I then walked back and sat down for awhile.

The mood hadn't really changed a whole lot besides people saying that fighting wasn't needed and laughing saying "Happy New Year's".

When I went back to bed Ian was asleep outside the tent. He pretty much refused to get up and said he'd vomit if he did, so I grabbed his blankets and threw them on top of him and went to sleep.
He came back in later though.

The next day we did quite a few things. Like talk about Al and Willie's fight. We were saying if Al was a MMA fighter he'd be called Spotlight. Pretty funny and he didn't seem to be taking it seriously.

Oh yeah, Joe's missus brought that little kid out and said "Hey you two will probably know this dance it's from a game" and the kid does the fucking floss dance from Fortnite.

Me and Ian went swimming with some inflatable boats. Had a shower, came back. Me Al and Ian drove down to the shop. I didn't wake up with a hangover at all but the second we started driving I felt so god damn sick. I ended up taking a nap for a few hours once we got back.

I woke up around three and chilled for a bit. Ian when on the boat fishing with some guy. I still felt kind of woozy so I just chilled back at camp.

When he came back some more people arrived. Specifically Touya. I think that's how you spell her name. She's important because she's Ian's ex. Appreantly they've known each other since they were little kids. And they are next door neighbors so yeah.

At first Ian was kind of shy and almost didn't want to go out of the tent it seemed. I made sure to stick near him so he didn't feel isolated and awkward. They actually ended up talking naturally though, the conversation starter was the fucking sandflies. (I've got bite marks on my hands from them too by the way.)

There was another kid who I guess is Touyas cousin called Kayden. He was pretty cool but from a distance I genuinely couldn't tell if he was a boy or a girl with short hair. He said he's 17, I'm not too sure if I believed him just because he seemed a bit hyper for a 17 year old. Plus his voice was sorta high pitched and he was wearing shorts and he didn't have leg hair like, at all. Not talking shit though he was a cool dude.

We played Fooseball for quite awhile. At first it was 1v1 but we changed it to 2v2. It was really fun but also really bullshit sometimes. Like the ball would literally curve in the goal but then role out.

We were all drinking too, and Ian said it was the first time he saw Touya drunk.

We all sat down later by the fire and to me it was pretty fucking clear she still likes Ian. Deep down at least, she was all grabbing him laying on him saying she likes his hair and shit. I was so proud for my boy. I ended up going to bed early (early being 1am) not really because I was tired but more to try and leave some room for Ian and Touya. Kayden, appreantly was a cock block.

I'll write the rest of this later since it's pretty hot and I'm exhausted.