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2018-12-27 08:39:15 (UTC)

Xmas two days

So Christmas is finally over, time to take the decs down as they make my home look very small and crowded. I had a brilliant Christmas considering all mum did was moan and try to bring everyone down with it too, that's the thing with my mum-if she is in a shitty mood then everyone else has to be too. I felt like I had to be the one to stay in a good to make everyone else in a good mood, some how it done the trick had some games going my favourite one (DeckHeads) if you have played it you would know the drill. Dinner was amazing and seeing that smile constantly on my little boys face was the highlight of Christmas for me. He was so well behaved so I don't know why I was so worried about him being a little pain. He has nicely eating his dinner and playing with his cousin sharing the toys he had got. One good thing that my son does always always shares, he cares for everyone all the time, this morning he hit his head off of mine by accident and rubbed and kissed my head better with a ' s mummum' (sorry mum mum). He is still learning to speak.

Anyway xmas night came Along and at around 7:30 we were settled to get our tired little heads to sleep when he puked and that's when the dreaded day started... non stop being sick and crying in pain I felt so bad all I could do is cradle him, hold him in my arms and tell him it was ok and he will be ok. with that I managed to get him to sleep cuddled up to him. The morning came and he was ok-ish, so we decided to tackle the boxing day sales, he was clingy but as good as gold, him and his daddy was just following me round like good lads. We finished our shopping went to pay and as the gentleman was scanning my items he puked all over the floor, the cashier the till him dad, so I moved away for them to finish and his dad was paying for me then he puked all over me. With that we went, the whole idea was to take him for a drive and let him have some sleep before we kill some time before we went to is nan and granddads for his second Christmas. He was still a wee bit ill but good when he had his wellies on, we ended up staying the night to not risk him being sick in the car as we live 25 miles away and didn't seem fair for him to have to sit in it otherwise.