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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-12-25 11:37:34 (UTC)

Christmas (2018)

Tuesday December 25th

Christmas was alright, nothing bad happened at all it just didn't differ much from my usual routines.

I got woken up pretty early around 6AM by the chickens which was pretty annoying. I managed to fall back asleep again though and I think I then woke up sometime around eleven or twelve.

Jay ended up damaging his controller and totally destroying his mic because he got pissed over For Honor. Dumb move, but we just ended up calling each other and talking on there while we played UNO on the PS4.

I played For Honor and Red Ded with my buddies and it was all pretty fun.

I ended up staying on all day today with my friends without a real break. Usually I'll get off throughout the day to have breaks because I usually don't like playing video games non stop but today was the exception I guess. I didn't even manage to get in any reading because of it. The closest thing I did to a break was just sitting in a party with my friends not doing anything except talking n messing around on my phone.

I wanna get drunk for new years. Really drunk.

I've been listening to the Pokemon Silver/Gold sound track recently. Dunno, I've replayed that game so many times I can't help but feel a feeling of nostalgia and warmth whenever I listen to it.

I dunno, today was good I'd say.