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2018-12-25 08:47:15 (UTC)

Sunday was a tiring day. I ..

Sunday was a tiring day. I functioned working for sixteen hours on a two-hour sleep. I couldn't go to bed because of my coughing which got worse, and for father and mother were away, I did not have promethazine. I finally got to sleep around 3am and my alarm went of at 6am. Saw Z.B. and L.B. when I arrived at M.H. "Speaking of the devils and angels," Z.B. said, when she saw I.T. and I arriving at the nursing station. Z.B. old and toothless; was recently hospitalized for days for a surgery (which cancer did she have? rectal? intestinal?)-- anyhow, her bill amounted to almost a hundred grand, but with her insurance, she owes about twenty grand, I think. Anyhow, she is penniless, old, depressed, ugly, and clings to meanness, anger and her raised, constabulary voice to claim dignity and respect for herself. But I see past these mechanisms, and regard her as a decrepit, decaying gambler. L.B. greeted me with her knowledge of my coming back full time, for which I restrained my wont of disclosing the truth. Anyhow, I dislike these nocturnal nurses. They feel as if they wear a crown, especially Z.B., and thus have the license to command and, yes, even belittle, others; D.V, for example; and also expect the world to conform, and stoop under them; but not I. Their disillusioned methods to power crumbles in the threshold of my world and reality. I dislike them more than respect them. Anyhow, so much for that. Nobody told me that Ms. E.J. needed to take midodrine before going to her dialysis. As a result, her blood pressure dropped at the dialysis center. The nurse called the facility about this. "The nurses should know," they said, or so what I.T. told me. But I don't wish to go there...I'm rather sleepy. It is 1:55AM to be exact. Worked today. E.L. stopped over with S. and L. at the house. Father and mother were home cooking...