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2018-12-22 05:55:29 (UTC)

So E.L. and I went to see Mary ..

So E.L. and I went to see Mary Queen of Scots on Tuesday afternoon at Landmark Hillcrest. The movie was alright. If anything I was excited to see Ronan and Margot's performances. Personally, I was intrigued by Margot's acting. The costume and make-up was exquisite, but the story a bit incoherent and the scenes arbitrary, though a good movie nonetheless. To RB Sushi after at which the hostess seated us at the far back. Then to Ulta beauty where I meant to buy hair oil, but ended up purchasing hair serum and a hair brush instead. Then to HomeGoods where I bought a circular vanity tray which spins, and also a tawny faux-fur blanket which E.L. disliked. "It doesn't matter whether you like it or not," I told him, "I like it." E.L. bought three sets of either sheets or comforter for his AirBnB rooms. So to home and found my parents lounging in the couch. "It's divine," mother said, "to just be lounging around." On Wednesday and Thursday, I had to go to work, albeit my cough and not feeling too well. Father and mother left for S.B. Wednesday morning, and father had not come back home sine mother needed him to drive her. For mother can't drive and her patient got sick; was admitted to the hospital, etc, etc. An inkling of doubt whether or not it was true, or that mother simply needed father to drive themselves to the casino...But enough about speculating. Anyhow, so father is supposedly staying at my aunt's in W.C. Consequently, I had to drop off S. at E.L. yesterday because father is in W.C. and I don't want S. to be alone for hours at a time. Anyhow, at work, I told my co-workers that, most likely, I won't be leaving s. after all "because M.H. do not offer the same benefits as they do here." A.A. was being looked after for her job performance, poor thing. S.A. embarrassed with L.O. on the way she acted; so she said, on Monday night when we went out for her party. J.L. was not at work yesterday for he had to attend a funeral. V.T. worked on a med cart yesterday, which rarely happens. M.S., who was only on the job for a little over a month, quit. J.O. invited me for a brunch on Sunday, which I declined for I had to work AM shift at M.H. As for today; my day off. Got my haircut at H. salon with T. at 11AM. Then headed to E.L.'s and he made me a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with some barbecue salty chips on the side. M. the roommate was there. I rather like her; talkative, cool. She has an eleven year old dog named B. who is deaf; has cataract and many more complications. I find it rather commendable that she adopted him only a year and a half ago. Then to Fashion Valley. Bought myself two 2019 planners at Papyrus, the gold-bound cover for me and a cacti-bound cover as my gift for the white elephant at work. Then to Anthropologie for a coffee mug with floral design and to Godiva for a small box of chocolate as an addition for my gift for the white elephant. Oh, I forgot to mention how I saw four guys in between. This afternoon I met up with this electrician guy; twenty two; bent me over on my fishnets and was done within a minute. Anyhow, went to Postal Annex on C.V. and I finally got a private mailbox on my own. Now I can order whatever I want online and have it mailed there without having any anxiety of my mails getting lost. Anyhow, so to home after. I vacuumed my room, then showered and groomed. Went to E.L. M.H. arrived about the same time. The three of us went to dinner at G.D. We meant to dine at S. which, surprisingly, was closed. They were vandalized; so the posted sign said on the door. Then I urged M.H. to have a drink with us at T.L. M.H and I had an eggnog cocktail; E.L. a draft beer. M.H. who does not drink left his eggnog cocktail more than 3/4 full when he left the bar, all the while saying that he was already drunk. E.L. wanting R. for **. So M.H. and I left the bar shortly after I finished my drink. Him and I walked toward E.L.'s where we parked our cars. We talked mostly of E.L.; his neuroticism; his tendency to focus only on his illnesses which we suppose are self-made, etc, etc. A lot of talk about different topics in between with people which I cannot all account...So to home. It is 10:44PM to be exact. I have the apartment to myself. What to do? Perhaps to fold my laundry, shower, do my facial night routine, etc, etc.