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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-12-20 13:50:57 (UTC)


Thursday December 20th

It's now 2:50AM and for some reason I got hit with some weird feeling of loneliness. It'll happen every now and then if I stay up too late and I'm all by myself but it feels pretty persistent tonight. I don't think it's ever a feeling of wanting to be with somebody, or wishing for friends or anything like that. It's just a sense of loneliness. I was planning on staying up through the night and trying to go to sleep mid day, since my favorite sleep schedule is going to sleep sometime during the afternoon and waking up at 10pm-1am. But I think I'll just sleep instead and try again tomorrow.

On a more upbeat note I played Zombie Army Trilogy with William and Ian. We only got the first mission done but it was really fun and I actually enjoyed myself.

I also managed to track down some more translations for Re Zero Arc 4. It goes up till the end of Arc 4 too I'm pretty sure so I can get back into binging some read sessions again. I still think I prefer the translations TranslationChicken does, since they come out a lot smoother but the new one I found isn't really bad at all. They're just wrote a bit differently, TranslationChicken usually writes from a first person standpoint while this new one usually writes from a third person standpoint.

Probably gonna go to sleep shortly, peace.