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2018-12-19 14:34:34 (UTC)

I want it!

I want it but how to start it is a mission, I think you all know what I am on about.
How do I get those fingers to touch me? How do I tease him? How do I make myself want it?

I sit and think about all the things he used to do to me, touch my legs slowly going up while I lay there, I think about him breathing and groaning in my ear, I think about how rough and touch he could be. Oh those big, warm hands touching my body, rubbing me all around!
How I'd love for him to simply tell me what he is going to do to me, come up behind me and just grab me, clenching onto my waist grabbing me tighter and tighter as he whispers in my ear 'I want you'. Oh how he'd rub his D*ck on my backside then flinging me around against the wall kissing my neck and my chest. Slowly bringing my arms around his neck and undressing me... Top first, then my trousers while i'm stood there in my underwear, he grabs me and holds me tight. How he'd chuck me on the bed kissing my inner thighs while taking my panties off, coming back up caressing my breast kissing me all over, then going to take my bra off with just one hand, which turns me on so much more because that is impressive...
do I continue?