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2018-12-18 15:08:37 (UTC)

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
I am dreading tomorrow, tomorrow is the day I get my payslip and let me tell you some times it just isn't right. No matter what I do nothing gets resolved. You see I had just over a week off due to my son being quite ill the n I caught it (was not a pretty sight) and I was so, so worried about not getting paid from work. I really struggle with money like I have so much to pay for but nothing to pay with... I do it, I pay everything I owe but it just leaves me incredibly short till the next time I get paid.
My manager called me on a Friday telling me to not panic because he has put half the days I had off in for extra holiday and the rest as though I was just working, I saw him yesterday though and he said " make sure you check you payslip" that's when I start to get worried.
I got in my head well if he is saying that does that mean something might go wrong? does that mean I wont get paid. I think if I don't get paid what with it being so close to Christmas also I will be screwed. I wont be able to get anymore presents just pay my bills.

I have a very large family, my mum, dad my mums boyfriend then there is two brothers four sisters, all have partners so there is five partners my son my partner one niece three nephews... then there is my partners family. It is just a never ending list...

lets just have fingers crossed that I get paid right. I dread the day to look at my payslip but I need to because well you never know.

Yours dramatically
keeping it to myself.