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2018-12-18 21:45:58 (UTC)

It is 1:45PM to be exact. ..

It is 1:45PM to be exact. Yesterday around 2PM, I went to P.B. mall to pick up my order at Macy's. I wore gym clothes with my height-increasing shoes, so that I appeared stretched out and tauter than usual to my own liking. Then to Sephora. Bought myself a facial mask which I have been wanting to have for a while. This time, I chose the GlamGlow brand that has exfoliating properties. I was going to buy S.A. a Sephora giftcard but, since the store was inside JC Penny's, they only carried JC Penny's card. So I walked over to MAC and bought a $40 gift card as a present for S.A. Then to home; wore my mask; got ready and groomed for the night. I left my apartment with S. around 6PM with tight jeans, tall boots, small t-shirt and a Converse bomber jacket. Stopped by at E.L.'s who was at T.L. having a beer. We texted. He said he left the back door key under the mat. I let myself in. Luckily, the AirBnB room upstairs was unoccupied so I ended up renting the room with a friendly discount of $50 for the night. But the room upstairs was not cleaned from the previous guests, and so I had to make the bed and change the sheets myself. Then E.L. texted me wanting to be picked at T.L., to which I drove and saw him, for the first time in two weeks, standing, waiting in front of the bar, on 5th Avenue. By the way, E.L. had asked me to bring him some chicken soup I cooked which he had for dinner. We talked for about twenty minutes, mostly, and was the usual, about his health, which I think he was very much neurotic about, and so much so that I suppose he makes up his own illnesses. Then I Ubered to U. in N.P. I saw J.O. standing in front when I got there. We talked. "I might move to AM shift," he said. "That schedule attracts me," I said. His dog is doing much better; never sees his boyfriend because of his schedule; etc, etc. Then in several minutes S.A., M.G., and R., a girl whom I met for the first time, arrived. The usual greetings of hellos and hugs. I handed S.A. the MAC gift card. "Every girl could use a good make up," I said, or something to that effect. We ordered our food. Few of S.A.'s friends were actually already there sitting at the restaurant. I ordered a ramen bowl and a Japanese highball drink. J.O. got some ginger alcoholic drink which was served in a cute white cat ceramic. D.G. was there. We talked of work, of random things; laughed. M.G. did not know how to use the chopsticks and we laughed at how she used it, twisting the ramen noodle with them. After dinner, we decided to hit the bars in H. J.O., S.A., M.G., and I rode on D.G.'s car. We went to F.C. We ordered tequila shots, drinks, and another round of tequila shots. M.G., who hadn't had a drink in five years; so she said, got drunk really fast and could not handle her alcohol. She took off her blazers, underneath which was like a black lingerie-like corset. Then the rowdiness begun as soon as we had a buzz going. Walls went down and so were the inhibitions. We planned on barhopping and so we left F.C. J.O. payed for all the drink, and we all headed to U.M. Ordered another round of tequila shots at the bar. M.G. loose and loud. We danced at the dancefloor which was empty. R. was there dancing with us. We were enjoying our time. But M.G.'s husband appeared in a white car at 11:30PM meaning to pick her up. When he got there, M.G. happened to be laying on the sidewalk. A.A. got there around that same time; who just got out of work; whom we video-called and urged to come out, and so she did in her scrubs, of which fact she felt uncomfortable, I think. Then we walked to F.'s. We had drinks there, but I could not recall what we ordered or how many. We smoked cigarettes, too, throughout the night. F. was having a karaoke night. I met a guy from London; a flight attendant; short, with facial hairs. He told me which hotel he was staying at, the name of which I don't recall. R. sang Selena Gomez's I Love You Like A Love Song. S.A., J.O., and I went in front of the stage, dancing, cheering for R. while she sang. D.G. and A.A. had left then. R. sat on a table with a couple of young and good-looking Latinos. S.A. at one point was in tears, the reason of which baffled J.O. and I. Then out of the blue, L.O. showed up in his red Chevy car in front of the bar. S.A. got in the car. J.O. and I stood outside of the bar which was closing. We wanted to make sure S.A. was alright. But when we saw the red Chevy car drove off, J.O. and I ordered our Uber rides. I managed to get myself to bed at E.L.'s AirBnB room upstairs. Woke up at about 9:30AM this morning. Texted J.O. and M.A. about last night. Called E.L., who went upstairs to bring me a glass of water. S. threw up twice; he said. She's not feeling well; he said, and felt like she needed to be groomed. Went downstairs; ate omelette for breakfast which E.L. cooked. M.--I forgot her name-- E.L.'s would-be-roommate, came by to drop off the check. I wonder when she would be moving in. I also wonder how it will be for the both of them. It would be interesting to see it unfold. L. rambunctious as usual; barks a lot. I headed home at 11:30AM and found mother on the couch, who had a bout of vertigo; so she said. She asked to borrow $100 which I gave her (I gave my credit card to father who went to the bank to withdraw the money). Perhaps mother did not have a bout of vertigo, but rather went to the casino and lost money. Though I am doubtful of her honesty, it does not trouble me. I want them to be happy. And even if it means that I do not criticize them for their gambling habits, and their means of hiding it. Anyhow, so I must shower. I am to meet E.L. at his house at four. We are to see the movie Mary Queen of Scots at L. in H. at 4:20, and dinner after...