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2018-12-18 15:00:54 (UTC)

who else?

who the heck else is always getting belittled by their little sister?
I hold my hands up, my sister is always doing she is 18 and I am bloody 21 how the hell do I let her do this to me? It angers me so much its unreal honestly!! she literally never has a fucking break! She needs to stop, the amount I actually do for her and what I get back is shit thrown in my face and the amount it pisses me of you would not believe. She is telling me how to bring my son for example how to feed him, how to NOT cut his food up when he is small very small he is nearly two years old and was 3.9 when he was born, if he eats too much or too fast then he just pukes it back up! I do not even know why I am bloody justifying myself as I will look after my god damn son how ever the hell I want to!

I am sorry if I offend you with my language but I needed a little rant. I needed to get it off my chest so that is exactly what I am doing I mean isn't that what this sight is made for? So don't judge!
I don't get angry easy or much at all so me having a rant means that I am fucking raging.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read my rant it helped a pigging lot haha.