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2018-12-18 08:56:46 (UTC)

Do you have the time to read shit? Then read this, HAHA!

How do you even write a diary entry? Does anyone know?
I am not sure anyone does!
I just go with the flow, I do whatever pops into my mindless brain, I write whatever comes to mind or some people might even inspire me... I see a post and can relate to them. I either write back to them or just write my own one myself.
I'm not very good at writing or reading but I do give it a good try. It takes a good few minutes to even write a small one but it is better than nothing and hey it makes me feel better surprisingly.

What I really want to know is how it makes me feel better? So if anyone out there has a clue or an idea then please feel free to message me as I have an open mind to listen. You might be reading this one now and be sitting there like what on earth are you even going on about because I can tell you now that is exactly what I am thinking as I write this... I did say whatever comes to mind I just write which is what I am doing now, I bet this doesn't even make sense to most of you reading as the things I read on here are brilliant! The words everyone uses are incredible-they are like poems! I could read stuff like that all day.
Anyway back to where I actually started... how does it make me feel better writing what I am feeling? Maybe because I feel like people out there are listening, they are taking the time to read my entry! Know that is a great feeling, I am alwaayyyyyys getting told "oh you always have me" "you can always tell me anything" "I will always be here for you" then when you actually go to them about anything they either do not listen or are just not there in general, they don't reply to you or they are not even reach able. I do not have many problems, I think I do but when I actually sit there and think about it I cannot think about what my problem actually is! So I don't know why I seem to think I do!
I have a partner that would do literally anything for me, a beautiful baby boy who is nearly two years of age, a family that are well sometimes there... I do not have many friends but I suppose I deal with that as I have my son to look after and he keeps me busy. I think it is literally the fact I had a hard break up a few years ago and think about him a bit probably more than I should in all farness but I seriously cannot help it and DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO BLEEDING DO! So I think that maybe my only problem really. Sometimes there is money problems I mean I am only a receptionist and the money isn't great especially when you have xmas to pay for and a car and a home and all the bulls on top of that, I mean sometimes it even stops me from sleeping but I go about my day as though there is nothing wrong.

Anyway, to whom ever reads this... Thank you for taking the time; I am always open to messages too. I hope you have a lovely day today!