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2018-12-18 08:43:35 (UTC)

Christmas Time

So it is getting closer and closer to Christmas as date shows, all I can think is it going to be easy? My son is nearly two years old which means he is at the age where he just does not want to sit still-how on earth am I going to keep him still while we all sit around the xmas tree and open our presents together or how the heck am I going to sit in down at the table without him going crazy? Only time will tell and we wont find out till the day comes I suppose. All I can say to myself is good luck.

see he has those days where he will sit still and just go along with it and then there is those days where he just wants to play with his toys although I wont be wasting money on toys as last year he just wanted to play with the wrapping paper haha.

Merry Christmas, is shall let you know how it goes.