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2018-12-15 09:35:37 (UTC)

For some reason writing in ..

For some reason writing in here has, to my surprise, helped me sift my reality into finer bits, so that I can somehow chew it better internally. The last two days had been quite uneventful J.L. that one afternoon at work telling everyone that I supposed heparin was meant to be refrigerated. He took it his job to let V.T. and L.O. know about my lack of knowledge about it, as if it served him well, or perhaps he was inflicted with some malicious intent to stamp "inexperienced" and "dumb" on my persona. It piqued me for a moment, but I let it go. And I don't suppose V.T. and L.O. thought too much about it. The s. floor was done yesterday at about 9PM by J.; tattooed, smelled of smoke and alcohol. "I have been working here for twelve years," he told me, cleaning floors, doing maintenance, etc. Anyhow, no one can walk over the floors for a certain amount of time while it was being cleaned and waxed. With this, people got stuck in rooms and I was not able to pass my medications. It quite amused me rather for a change. "I don't like doing this," J. told me, "for people get mad at me." "I don't think they are mad at you," I told him, "they are mad at the situation," I said, to which he perked up. R.P the shemale brought out her manliness (he/she is broad shouldered anyhow) when he tried to open the sliding door which was secured by a screw. The sliding door opened a little, in which I fitted, and nobody else could.
Coming back to work the next day, the floors were shiny and lustrous It gave off that feeling of cleanliness and luxury that people walked as if with caution, much slower, as if cleanliness affected people's movements. Surely, s. was a lot quieter today. G.A. stayed over late. She offered me guava which I gladly accepted one. A.A. commenting, criticizing on her thick body, oval face, and how she is getting thicker. S.A. dyed part of her hair gray; has been wearing ugly sweaters which also looked somewhat cute. I brought some brownie which I baked. M.F. told me, "you are quite ready to marry," to which I laughed. R.A. commented on the color of my scrubs and eyed at my new shoes.
I am working for V.T. tomorrow. Also, I've committed to R. that I can work Am shift at my other job tomorrow. I looked at the employee schedule and saw that I'll be working with C.F., K.K. and I.T. J.L will be there. The truth is, I haven't worked Am shift at my other job in a while and I'm quite anxious because I don't know that to expect. I guess I will have to see and find it for myself when I get there. And to think about me working sixteen hours, that after working AM shift I have to head over to ** for my other job. Well at least I got everything ready and prepared. The coffee is set to brew at 5:45AM. I got my lunches and dinner packed. I re-filled my water bottle. I got my mug out and ready. I have my alarm set at 6am. I will be a little late for work, to be sure but it's okay. It is 2:13am to be exact. Lord knows how am I to survive in the the day. So to try to sleep. PS. I typed this heedless of grammar and the correct usage of punctuation. Rather I typed words, thoughts, as they simultaneously floated in my mind.