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2018-12-12 13:03:45 (UTC)

Day to day

Some days I feel OK, some days I don't. I do sit and wonder how the heck I am supposed to deal with it all. I mean I can wake up in the best mood possible then within an hour or so I could really be down in the dumps and not even know why. What is the matter with me?
I guess it is just a day to day situation that I will have to get over and get on with on my own because if I tell anyone they will either tell me to 'shut up' or call me weird or just wont listen in general. I always get told I need to tell them how I am feeling but when I do that happens or the speak over me and it isn't to me It is to someone else. I don't understand some things at the best of times let alone people. Maybe they don't know what to say or feel about what I am saying so they block it out. if that is the case I just want to tell them they cannot do that. I have been trying to do it for years and I can say that it does not work... It just gets worse.

Some may say that I have some amazing advice, but I am 100% great at giving it but crap at taking it or I just don't get any at all 'HaHa'. Some day I will get there because I have too, I have a beautiful child to look after and I have to be strong for him. The only way I can do that is by keeping things to myself and not letting know that I am not ok.

But hey like I said, I am ok some days but most days I am ok!