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2018-12-11 20:24:03 (UTC)

Placed bone broth in the ..

Placed bone broth in the freezer until when I am ready to use it. I am to make more bone broth from the would-be-leftover chicken bones. It is the first time I am using homemade bone broth for my chicken soup. Now that I have my own household, I could do whatever I please with my own cooking.
I was about twenty minutes late to work today. When I got to work, the s. floor was empty. R.A. on the nursing station asking me if I have already attended the in-service which I have not. So to the back conference room which was very stuffy that I got out the moment I got in just to get some air. About two dozen people or more in a large room. There were about seven or eight stations with their corresponding cardboards. Each station had its own specific topic. Our s. unit manager G.A. there. DON A.R. there as well. S. the head r.t. there too, who asked me how to set up a suction machine, etc. etc. which I did not know. To add more to it, I answered her questions wrongly which added more to my embarrassment. There was some Chinese woman who spoke about IVs, but with such a thick accent that I did not understand a word she was saying. I went round the room. I spent I think twenty, thirty minutes until I was out of there. Never had been such a chaotic in-service. The speakers spent, perhaps had said the same words throughout the day, that when it was my turn to gather information, they were but lacklusterly spoken. Might as well had an audio player, which I probably have learned more from. L.S and P.D. stayed double. P.D. who I once thought gay, and how I was certain of my speculation; limpig, bald, hairy, some country brood about him, that loud voice, and uncouth movements. L.S. short, soft spoken, no chin, no lips. A.A. and M.G. had an issue which I have no desire to underline specifically. But it ultimately involved Ms. F. not being cleaned. Ms. F. surprisingly quenched by a bribe of a bottle of 7up from M.G. Charting near the end of the shift, while at the nursing station, A.A. commented on my being unaffectionate, of my being cold. "My parents were sometimes lacking in affection," I said, or something to that effect. A.A. laughed a lot during the shift. We laughed about people we disliked, making comments and joking about their appearances, etc. D.E. came to work I think three hours early...I am getting sleepy. So to bed. It is 3:16am to be exact. Mother is leaving for S.B. tomorrow for work. Father will drop her off. I plan on going to the gym and finally getting myself a private mailbox from maybe postal annex.