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2018-12-12 10:36:43 (UTC)

My 1st entry

so today is my very first ever diary entry, now I can't lie It feels a tad bit weird but I am sure I will or at least can get used to it.
I set this diary up online purely the fact that I need something to do at work, I get so bored with nothing to do- I sit at my desk looking out my window for 8 whole hours of the day... let me tell you, it is very draining. I have tried being on my phone and I have been told off for it, obviously I still go on my phone when I can I mean I cannot sit there all day looking gormlessly out the boring car park.

I work as a receptionist, now at first I worked for the company as a cleaner and to my surprised they started hiring people for the reception, see they didn't have anyone before because this building is rather new, anyway they hired one person when I applied or it, they kept offering all the other cleaners the jobs and they didn't want to do it then in the end they finally asked me and with it came "we have hired someone so you will work just two hours of the day" me being me though why not give it a shot. a few weeks went bye and I saw a lady working in the reception and thought well thanks for even letting me know, I then carried on cleaning and thought nothing of it I even found a new job that I thought I might liked, I qualified as a carrier.
After my last training day I had got a call from my manager asking me in for an interview; he didn't give me anything to go on apart from dress smart. A few days went by and got another call with a bit more information, low and behold it was for the position for reception but t he catch was that I wasn't aloud to tell a single soul... me being me went and told my family... I just couldn't keep the excitement in. The day came for my interview and like anyone would me I was a little nervous, I got there and they asked a few questions and they let me go. 2-3 hours went by and I got a call... I GOT THE JOB! I was completely over the moon, I was told I would be doing loads of things and I would be super busy.

I been working her here for a month now and the boredom starts to strike, hard! i'm confused, they sold me a pack of lies and now I am stuck in a job that makes me unhappy and bored out my skull.