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2018-12-11 20:24:03 (UTC)

Father and mother came home ..

Father and mother came home late the night before. Father angry at mother for her impulsiveness. They had gone to the casino. Father was happy to had his wallet full of $800, but mother had lost it all. It bothered poor father greatly, who kept referring to it the next day. Bathed S. Threw out metallic dish rack which was full of rust in the bottom.
Yesterday I went to pick up my check at my two jobs. Father and mother came with me. Then to the bank to deposit the checks. Then to Target. The woman cashier was Filipino too; from Ilocos; spoke Ilocano. Then to the mall. Mother got her face done at the Dior kiosk at Macy's. "It's one of the best I've seen you," I told her. She ended up spending almost $400 for her facial regimen. Mother bought me activewear clothing at Macy's. Bought myself two tshirts at H&M. Ate at Sbarro at the mall's food court. Had pizza and some bread stuffed with spinach. Then to S.C. for I was going to cook some fish dish, but the store was closed. Headed to D.'s, but they were closing in two minutes too. Went to J. drive-thru and bought myself palabok. Father and mother stopped by at the dollar store for a dish rack, but came out empty handed. So to home. Baked brownies which turned out really sweet. I am curious if Ms. F. will like it. Or to do her a favor, since she is diabetic, I won't bring her any and thus make up a white lie about it.
It is 12:34PM to be exact. Father and mother already left for S.B. to pick up mother's check. Curious if they will stop by at the casino again. I am to work six days in a row starting today. I will be working for V.T. on Saturday and I elected to work AM shift on my other part time job on Sunday. Skipped the gym today. Haven't gone yesterday either. Bone broth simmering on the stove for my chicken noodle soup which I plan on making Sunday night.