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2018-12-10 07:08:26 (UTC)

It is 11:08 PM to be exact. ..

It is 11:08 PM to be exact. C.P. yesterday intercomming my name at work, as if I'd committed an unspeakable crime when I simply went to my thirty minute break which I was entitled to by the California law. It bothered me for a moment, but I let it all go, and so did C.P. We were talking and in good terms at the end of the shift. For some reason I became glaring under her radar. Perhaps it was because I had beauty which she never possessed. When placed next to each other, despite her being my supervisor, she seems like a sad pathetic gnome, a grotesque gargoyle. If anything I pity her for her looks. A.A. and I got close again yesterday as we joked, laughed and talked badly about everyone else. I told S.A., M.G., and J.O., about me being over the place. "I think it's time for me to move on," I said, "I am updating my resume tonight."
As for this morning, father left for S.B. to pick up mother. They are back again, so it seems, on their old habit of frequenting casinos. Mother told me on the phone about it. I, on the other hand, as their son, don't take it my responsibility to prescribe them what to do with their lives at mid seventies. Rather, I allow them, or wish for them to have fun. And at this moment, they are not at home yet.
Went to the gym this morning. Parking lot full and I was forced to park a little bit far away. Stopped by at Macy's to pick up my online order. Then I headed to E.L.'s house to pick up my Sephora box and to walk L. the dog, as I have promised E.L., whose surgery went well in Guadalajara. Got to E.L.'s house and his daughter T.G. and her girlfriend B. there. They are currently staying at E.L.'s house while E.L. is away until the 15th. As soon as I entered the living room, I was greeted rather by the reek of weed. T.G. a big stoner, has psychological problems; is on five psych medications; who tried to commit suicide several times; is on disability; fat, jobless, a butchy lesbian. I saw B. her girlfriend for the first time who had a figure of a round potato; wearing glasses; had long hair. E.L.'s house grubby and unkempt. Laundry everywhere, Carl's Jr.'s paper bag on the kitchen counter, and a left-over burger on the dining room table. A funny feeling crept over me, sensing rather the bad energy of the house, as if it makes on lazy and depressed. I am reminded how glad I am to have moved out of there. I walked the dogs, but just for a block. L. all over the place, like a wild hyena. So I left with my Sephora box and few letters. To Whole Foods and Ralph's. Then back to E.L.'s house again for I needed to unplug the internet booster because the AirBnB guest upstairs had trouble connecting to the WiFi. Video chatted with E.L. on the phone. He said he had a head cold. Then I headed home. Cooked chicken with tomatoes, garlic and herbs, which baked in the Dutch oven for an hour. Coupled it with angel hair. Drank wine. Watched recorded teen Jeopardy.