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2018-12-04 08:44:32 (UTC)

My day off. Decorated the ..

My day off. Decorated the apartment with Christmas ornaments with my mother for the morning. Father vacuumed. Around 11am, father and mother left for S.B. to pick up my mother's check. They were going to P. afterwards; so my mother said, showing me her coupon. I received a call from B. from M.H. telling me about the annual physical exam which I didn't go to, despite my telling her that perhaps I might. I probably won't go to the next one either. For my school starts on January 28, and I might give up the job so that I could focus more on my goal of getting an A in my upcoming anatomy class, which I failed I think three semesters ago. Leftover chicken marsala for lunch. Then to Hillcrest for Ralph's and Wholefoods. It is unfortunate that I have to travel fifteen minutes by car for my groceries. Which brings me to perhaps making it my quest of looking for a healthy, quality store where I can get my groceries from. But nothing compares to Wholefoods for quality, I think. So to home. Cooked ragu bolognese with so much delight. The truth is I haven't cooked in a while and I have forgotten how luxuriously divine it is to take my time to prepare food to my own liking. E.L and L. the dog over for dinner. Listened to Mozart station on Pandora which kept me company throughout the afternoon and night. E.L. surprisingly liked it. He relished on my apartment too. Though he spilled red wine on my carpet and one of my dining room chair which bothered him more than it did me. Right away he googled on how to clean wine spills: two cups water, one tbsp white vinegar and dish soap, which I prepared. E.L. did all the cleaning. L. happy and rambunctious as usual, gathering all S.'s toys about him, refusing to share them with her, as they were his own, funny thing. I rather like him. What did E.L. and I talk about? Many things. I was surprised, and perhaps regard him lowly for giving into R. and his...E.L. hangs out at the L. as if it's his second home, which might as well be. Retired, he seems contented doing nothing, but drinking and partying his life away. Actually, better he hangs out at the L., socializing and surrounding himself with people whom he calls his friends. He stayed for a good three, four hours. We drank wine, ate. I made appetizers, too, made out of french baguette, dabbed with sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic on top, and splashed with a reduced marsala and bone broth. Heated the bone broth as well, mixed with lightly sauteed celery and carrots, which I served in fine teacups. Mother and father still not home. No; I won't call them. I will let them be.