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2018-12-03 17:29:46 (UTC)

Mother was scammed of $200.00. ..

Mother was scammed of $200.00. I am stunned at her gullibility. The scammers, pretending to be Aunt M., was not her after all; as my mother found out when she called the real Aunt M. on the phone from Canada. Father said that they were going to ask 1500 more dollars out of her. At work, A. called in, and the atmosphere was quiet and focused. S.A. was there. We took a smoke break once and talked over things. I told her how C.P. wondered if I was a permanent in s., while V.A. asked me whether if I worked there full time or per diem. Then not knowing and openly treating me as their subordinate sent me to foul mood. A.P. called in as well, which meant that there were three of us nurses on the floor again. Three patients vomited. I gave Zofran to Mr. G., but found out later that he was allergic to it. J.M. moving to Sacramento.Mother and I talked and talked, for a little over an hour, when I got home from work. So to begin the day.